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 Laamiga is now recruiting women mentees


Do you work with women from Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, Refugee and Migrant communities?

Could they benefit from working with a mentor?

Laamiga, a small charity in Camden and Islington run by women, provides free mentoring to minority ethnic and migrant women who need help and support to:

  • look for a job
  • start a small business
  • improve English
  • develop study skills
  • gain confidence and set new goals

‘My mentor helped me practice mock interviews; and through her feedback I improved my interview skills and my self-confidence and I got a permanent job.’

Laamiga mentee, 2018

If you have any questions about our mentoring scheme, you can find out more on our website www.laamiga.org, or by contacting Dr Emua Ali:

Email: info@laamiga.org

Phone: 0208 257 7317

We look forward to hearing from you soon, and to receiving referrals from you, so we can help the women you work with to reach their full potential.




Laamiga is grateful for the grant from Rosa’s Woman to Woman Fund to support our Women’s Community Leadership programme





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Laamiga Annual Report 2018 


Laamiga’s best tweets 2018


‘My mentor helped me practise mock interviews;

and through her feedback I improved my interview skills

and my self-confidence and I got a permanent job.’


‘My meetings with my mentee

have been a great opportunity to help an intelligent and capable woman

to achieve her potential without her level of written English being a barrier.

I hope this will continue to help her improve her written skills

and excel in her career.’


‘Improving my mentee’s English Language grammar,

spelling and writing skills has helped her to get jobs

and improve her self-confidence.’


‘It was lovely to reconnect with people after the horrible winter.

The thing I got the most joy about was meeting a colleague

who re-joined the knitting group after 2 years absence

and to see how she’s blossomed and thrived’.


‘Laamiga has been beneficial to me as a mentor

because I can make a difference to someone

who is working hard to be financially independent.’


‘Laamiga women’s group mentoring topic was budgeting.

The mentees started thinking of saving money;

and they are aware they have to pay their bills first;

they understand how to save;

as their attitude before was why save

when we don’t know if we will be alive tomorrow.’


It’s therapeutic to do knitting

and we actively use our hands to remain healthy.

It’s sharing a joyful time to laugh, share emotions, knowledge and skills.

It helps us to communicate in English, to reduce isolation

and to meet women from different nationalities and cultures.’


‘I enjoy doing something different from my regular commitments.

I like seeing the women who come to the knitting group help each other to learn new skills’.


‘I had a great time volunteering at the Laamiga IT class

and seeing all the ladies develop their IT skills

and confidence using computers,

it was lovely getting to celebrate their achievements at the graduation.

I can’t wait to go back and help in the new year!’


‘I would like to say thank you very much for the IT Saturday course.

 I enjoyed the class very much,

it helped me to improve IT skills for working in future.’


‘I will always remember the sight of confidence blooming in my mentee’s

face when she told me she had accepted a job

and didn’t need any more help with applications.

Her search had been challenging but together we got there in the end.’


‘It was rewarding to see how the women picked up the skills taught quickly

and were very eager to learn more’.


‘Our mentee/mentor relationship developed into a rewarding journey and

reciprocal learning experience’.


‘Being a Laamiga mentor was inspiring,

 supporting my mentee at a time of transition was a privilege’.






Community Integration Awards:

Laamiga was shortlisted for the Grassroots Champion/ Community Integration Awards 2017

Laamiga – women’s training and mentoring



Laamiga has been awarded a grant by Big Lottery for the Step Up to IT computer course. https://www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/


Community Integration Awards:

Laamiga was shortlisted for the Community Integration Awards 2016



Laamiga Women’s Mentoring and Training was formed in 2010 to provide tailored employment support for black and minority ethnic women from refugee and migrant communities in London.  Our services include mentoring, training, business support and career coaching.

Our flagship mentoring programme is designed and managed by an experienced project coordinator with over 20 years of experience in personal development and leadership training.

For further information about our mentoring  and training programme, or to find out ways to get involved with Laamiga, please email Emua Ali on info@laamiga.org.

Our women mentors are carefully selected to ensure that they possess relevant work experience and personal aptitude to support their mentee’s development.  Mentors must go through mandatory training and receive ongoing support from Laamiga’s qualified project coordinator.

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