Alys is a single mum from Islington with five grown up children. When she was younger, and fell pregnant she decided to stop working. She focused on bringing up her children until the youngest had grown up.   Alys began to look for work but was sure what she wanted to do.  She had an overwhelming feeling that she was “past it” that her time for working was over, she became depressed about her future.

Alys learnt about Laamiga when she overheard the project coordinator discussing the project in a market. She decided to sign up for the free mentoring.

Alys was matched with Christine an employment consultant with her own employability-related social enterprise.

When  Alys and Christine met, they immediately clicked and decided to meet fortnightly.  They discussed Alys’ aspirations  and came up with practical ways for her to move forward.   Alys really appreciated having another woman with children to talk to.  Alys felt for the first time that someone was there to focus on her, an experience she wasn’t familiar with. She felt she had the support she needed to start thinking about what to do with her life.

Alys mentioned that she had always been interested in supporting elderly people.  Christine helped Alys define the steps to reaching this goal.

Since meeting Christine, Alys has developed her computing skills and improved her English. Volunteering is the next step, which is an exciting prospect.

Alys has appreciated Christine’s  motivation and is now more positive about her future. She has found a new direction and feels that she is a positive role model to her daughters.

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