Nabila has been volunteering at Laamiga for one year, and finds it is the perfect way to use her skills to help her community:

“I think it’s always great to have something in your life other than your work and social life, so when I passed my accountancy qualifications I started looking for voluntary work. I found this opportunity on the website, and I applied to become a mentor, providing help and support to women who had just come over to the UK from other countries. I was always fascinated by gender issues, so I was really drawn to the work that Laamiga are doing.

However the organisation has been going through some really exciting changes, and I am now the treasurer of an expanding charity. It’s fantastic to be able to use what I know to help someone who might not have access to the information and support they need.

It’s also a really good way to learn something new. I’m using my skills but also learning how to run an organisation, build business plans…it reflects a skill set that I wouldn’t get in my day job. As far as my career development goes, it’s great to be able to be able to say I’m involved with an organisation that wants to grow, and I am helping it to do that.

It’s been a really easy process. I can fit volunteering around my other commitments, and there’s a mix of formal and informal support in place so I know exactly what to do if I have any problems. I was also able to experience some of the scenarios I might find myself in before committing myself to it. It fits exactly what I was looking for, and I feel like I can really make a difference.”

This case study also appears on the website of Camden Volunteer Centre.

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