Annual Picnic and Walk

The Laamiga annual picnic and walk took place on a sunny afternoon at Hampstead Heath on Saturday 22 June 2019. We all met at Gospel Oak overground station and we were met by our amazingly knowledgeable and patient Heath Hands volunteer. We all lugged our bags of delicious food and drinks up to the Heath. We had very good summer weather. We went for a walk on the Heath with our guide and we had a great view of London. Many of the women had never visited

Hampstead Heath before and it will be hopefully the first of many future visits.

The picnic was fun for all involved with the exception of some of us having allergic hay fever reactions. The good cheer, brilliant company and the exquisite flavours of the international cuisine on offer from Malaysia, Middle East, Nigeria, Eritrea, Somalia and Italy  made up for the sneezing and wheezing.