Laamiga supports vulnerable women from migrant and refugee communities through mentoring: to find a job, set up in business, pursue a dream or simply integrate within their local community.

This benefits not only the individual but also her family, friends and society in general. One example of a Laamiga mentoring relationship and the result can be seen in this case study:

Marie dreamed of becoming a nurse…

Marie came to the UK as an asylum seeker from a war torn part of Africa in 2001. She was granted asylum, got married, had three children and spent any spare time trying to improve her English and IT skills through a succession of courses. Unfortunately, her marriage broke down and Marie fell into a depressive spiral, compounded by housing and health problems.

Marie met her mentor, Henrietta, in 2011. They met twice a month and worked together to improve Marie’s spoken and written English and to resolve her housing problem, which included building her confidence in using a computer. Marie enrolled on an access to higher education course, and her mentor supported her with course assignments, homework and preparing for university interviews. Marie started her nursing degree in London in September.

Please help us to support more women like Marie to realise their ambitions by either donating to Laamiga or getting involved in our activities.

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A regular donation of £20 per month will pay for childcare and travel expenses to enable a mentoring relationship to work.  A donation can either be made:

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